The Seasons

The Côte d’Azur is attractive all year around. Reasons for a stay in Villa Belle Rive can however vary depending on the season. Temperatures below zero are possible, but happen only every few years. The climate in the south of France is very becoming. The busy season is from the beginning of June through mid-September. In this period, the weather is optimal for enjoyment at the beach or around (and in) the pool. The warm evenings are inviting for long dinners outside. This is not the best time of year for exploring the numerous attractions in and around Cannes. Due to the number of visitors in the region, traffic is rather slow and public transportation can be filled to capacity. Summers are best dedicated to relaxed enjoyment in and around the grounds of Villa Belle Rive. Scuba Diving should be considered as an exciting activity. This is the time of year in which our garden is most productive. Especially tomatoes.


Mid-March to the beginning of June, as well as mid-September to the end of November, are the periods that are optimal for a more active vacation. In these periods many guests use Villa Belle Rive as their “home-base” for day-trips. Others prefer to take benefit from the tranquility of the Villa and its gardens to enjoy reading and conversation. The fantastic connection to public transport and the availability of parking on our grounds are a great advantage for those who want to explore. Our vast libraries and the remnants for the Villa’s history are a treasure trove for those who prefer a tranquil stay. The period to avoid is one and a half week starting the second Wednesday of May. This is the period of the Film Festival in which Cannes enjoys more visitors than in mid-summer.

The mild climate in the South of France makes the period from December through mid March an ideal period for those who want to escape the cold winters in the north. Most days allow a comfortable stay outside in the sun from around 10:00 to 16:00. It is the time of year to take maximum benefit of the comfort of the rooms and common areas of Villa Belle Rive. The period is also very well suited for day-trips. You will be surprised how many activities take place in winter.