Villa Belle Rive

You are not confined to your room during your stay at Villa Belle Rive. The buildings and the grounds offer a range of possibilities in the common areas. From mid-May to mid-October You share the use of the pool deck and the pool with the other guests and the dive school. Outside that period you may find the water temperature too low for a comfortable swim. Around the Villa there are a range of terraces that you are welcome to use. If there is an occasion for a party, if you would like to BBQ or you want to enjoy a relaxed open-air lunch, you will always find the perfect location.

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In the Villa you find a lobby that also serves as passage from the main entrance to the garden and pool. Within the lobby you have access to a library of reading books to augment your enjoyment during your stay. A collection of DVD’s is also at your disposal. In the lobby you will find several groupings of comfortable chairs to enjoy conversation or reading.


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Our gardens are well maintained for your pleasure. We practice ecological methods. As an example we do hardly ever use pesticides and if we have to, we only use biologically degradable products. Big sections of our gardens are reserved for vegetables and fruits. For the overproduction we conserve them as sauces, marmalade, vinegar or other delicacies for use throughout the year. This is done with traditional methods that do not require refrigeration of the products. Our garden provides tomatoes, lemon and lime, strawberries, grapes, apples, lattice, cucumbers and much more. Obviously this depends on the season, as do the other plants on the grounds.

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There are rules. Your activities are not to be loud in order not to disturb the other guests. Any friends who visit you have to be announced and permitted and you clean up after you are done.